Charge your EV at Gwendon

EV Charging

Electric vehicle charging

Anglesey isn’t well blessed (yet) with an abundance of EV chargers. We understand the challenge of having ‘range anxiety’. With that in mind, we have a dedicated charging point (DCP) located next to the garage, allowing guests to conveniently charge their cars on the drive whilst staying with us.

After much deliberations and research, we finally opted for an untethered EO Mini Pro 2 7kWh smart charger. It’s one of the smallest units on the market and it fits neatly by the garage on the drive, in a perfect position for guests, who can simply rock up and charge 👍🏼. Don’t forget your charge cable. *

The unit can be remotely locked and unlocked. Guests simply select the optional extra of an EV charger at the time of booking, and the charger will be unlocked for the duration of the stay.

EV charging costs

Unfortunately, due to the spiralling energy costs, we have no alternative but to pass on the electric costs to guests for the use of the charger. We operate a Price-Per-Charge fair usage policy. 

The following are our energy consumption charges as set by our provider, plus associated costs. The rates are subject to change depending on the energy price cap for standard variable tariff.

Unit Rate Day

price per kWh
  • 8:00am to 10:00pm

Unit Rate Night

price per kWh
  • 10:00pm to 8:00am

How we charge

Square Up Charging Guest View

We’ve partnered with Square Up Charging to allow guests to pay per charging session via a credit or debit card.

How it works is very simple. We have a bespoke QR code stuck to the charger that the company has provided for us.

Guests simply scan our QR Code when they visit to set up a charging session.

After entering card payment details, which is preauthorised, similar to pay-at-the-pump, guests can select and pay for however much charge they need – whether this be to a specific battery %, number of miles, or just a time (e.g. 30 mins). 

Once the session timer is up, a text message is sent to both host and guest and prompted to unplug. The current costs are displayed during the charging session and the price charged after the session.

Square Up Charging Logo.  Visit Square Up Charging for further info:

* Granny cables are an absolute no-no as they not only pose a fire-risk, but also void our insurance, so leave those at home.

Download our Electric Vehicle Charging Policy for further details.