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A Bit of a Break

Giving people living with terminal illness some time away in beautiful places...

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A Bit of a Break is a charity that sources unfilled time in holiday properties to gift to people living with a terminal illness. They have a growing portfolio of gifted, unfilled weeks in self-catering cottages, to offer families living with terminal illness a chance to spend time with their loved ones in beautiful places.

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How does it work?

The guests are families who need a break, to get some space, without the worry and risk of committing to booking a holiday when life isn’t so straightforward.

Patients are referred to ABOAB by their nominated referral partners who are health or social care professionals.  Primarily, they work with selected teams in West and North Yorkshire, Manchester and Liverpool areas although they are hoping to expand their reach further.

ABOAB match the needs of their referred guests with a suitable property, at a time convenient for them.

Property owners gift a stay in their holiday property, and ABOAB pay for their overhead costs to cover cleaning, laundry and heating costs.

It’s a win-win for all! Families can enjoy holiday time with loved ones and property owners are rewarded by providing a lovely environment for families to enjoy who really need it, rather than their self-catering cottages being stood empty.

How could we help?

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We happened across the charity through a social media post and we absolutely loved the idea of what ABOAB were doing, and really wanted to join them on their journey. 

Given we have a single-storey property, we thought this may be of benefit to guests who have mobility issues. We got in touch to see whether we’d be a suitable candidate for their portfolio. After checking our compliance and ensuring we’re up-to-date with the latest legislation/safety, we’re thrilled to be welcomed on board as a property partner!

Want to get involved?

Cake Bake Fundraiser

If you’re interested in supporting ABOAB, they have a JustGiving page if you wish to donate, or why not consider doing a fund-raising event? Eat cake, hold a snake or swim a lake for… A Bit of a Break!

Any donation received funds more breaks for affected families and can make a huge difference. Visit the fundraising page for further details on how to donate or create an event.
Thank you for your support.

Precious family time

We’re proud to support A Bit of a Break and are pleased to play any part we can in helping families share precious time with loved ones, making lasting memories. 

Visit for more details.

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  1. This blog sums up what we do at A Bit of a Break so beautifully. We’re so grateful to have Gwendon on board as a new Property Partner. Every new property we can offer opens up the chance of a holiday for a family in real need. Thank you so much! Paula, Trustee, A Bit of a Break.

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