George the monkey

Meet George, the monkey lamp

We’re renovating to a high standard and trying to make sure that our furnishings are tasteful. But, and that’s a big BUT … we need to inject some personality in our furnishings. We’re already doing that with a customised ‘photowall’ on the dining-room wall, but more to come on that another time … 😊.

On my research during the renovation, I’ve always been drawn to monkey lamps, generally in brass and black, but figured it wouldn’t work in my Scandi-style lounge. Plus, I already have some gorgeous table lamps that I’ve picked up along the way, so decided that a monkey lamp wouldn’t feature.

However, that changed when I was looking online for some oversize globe lamps for our bedroom wall lights in the double rooms. I spotted George and instantly realised where I could home him in white – in the small bedroom!

I think he’s perfect, but I do realise it’s personal taste. I hope our guests won’t be freaked out with him, especially the kids🐒🙈🐵😁. What do you reckon?


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