Nailed the outside painting

Amazing what a lick of paint can do!

I’m so missing not being at Gwendon this week, but Neil’s been beavering away trying to complete the remaining outside painting whilst dodging the showers. Very typical coastal weather, when an unexpected weather front can come in super quick and then disappear as fast as it arrived, on its journey over to the Snowdonia mountains 🌊.

The front of the house has had a major uplift this week. I blogged recently about my efforts on painting the bell of the house, but now the transformation is complete. The house has been brought right up-to-date with the anthracite and dove grey. It was raining when the picture was taken, so it’ll look even better on a sunny day ☀️. It’ll look even better when we put up the new white wooden blinds. What do you think? Leave any comments in the box below.


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